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About Nick Yetto

Nick Yetto is:


A soon-to-be novelist. Sommelier of Deformity, publishing July 2018.


A freelance web person, fifteen years and counting.


A man with theories, but no opinions.


Mechanically able, mechanically eager, but not mechanically gifted.


A lover of literature.


A lover of well-executed trash.


A lover of antiques.


A guy who got an iron cauldron for Christmas, so that he can cook rustic stews outside.


An enthusiastic participant, but a poor athlete.


Someone who wishes he could call himself “a fisherman,” but can never find time to get out in the canoe.


Bad at parties.


6’3”, bald, forty years old.


A husband, and father of two.


Is that enough? There’s some stuff on YouTube as well. If there’s something you’re dying to know, send an email to