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Say You, Say Me: My Thoughts on Ukraine

We're been watching the news around the clock. We're astonished by what we're seeing. We're in constant communication with family and friends over in Ukraine, and the situation is grim indeed. A week and a half ago—before the Russians began perpetrating their war crimes—we were able to get my sister-in-law…


The Soloist

I've been collaborating with my cousin Rob Hammer on magazine features. If you're an Averill Park kid of a certain era, you'll remember Rob, and you'll also remember Zach Benson. Rob has become an eminent fine art photographer. Zach has become one of the greatest duck hunters in the United…


HOMO VIBRA-RAY™: An Ebook for Charity

I’ve put an ebook together. All proceeds will go to charity.   TO LEARN MORE AND PURCHASE, CLICK THE LINK BELOW.   Here’s the story behind it.   This “book,” Homo-Vibra Ray, started as a book/screen proposal. I started it in October, 2018, when I learned that a major…


An Irritant Plant Treatment That Works

Tis the season for irritant plant rashes.

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