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HOMO VIBRA-RAY™: An Ebook for Charity

I’ve put an ebook together. All proceeds will go to charity.




Here’s the story behind it.


This “book,” Homo-Vibra Ray, started as a book/screen proposal. I started it in October, 2018, when I learned that a major star was interested in the screenplay adaptation I wrote of my debut novel, Sommelier of Deformity. I thought, “I have some people’s attention—let’s slide this across the desk.” The proposal contained long sections of what the book would be, and sections of speculative screenplay, with all of it intended to show the potential of the topic and subjects. My goal—to try to get paid to write a book, so I’d have the money I need to live and actually write it!


A naïve desire. People liked what they saw, but everyone said “You have so much here! Just write the book, and we’ll take it from there.” That’s the way things work. Better luck next time.


Homo-Vibra Ray is a high-labor book concept. As a father and provider, I knew I didn’t have time for that labor at this moment, so I put HVR on the shelf and moved on to a sci-fi adventure I’ve always wanted to write, called WORLDS. That book is drawn fully from my imagination. I could write it standing in a closet, and I knew I’d need to do that since I had to focus on paying (non-creative) work. I’m 90k-words in. I think you’re going to like it. I intended to finish WORLDS, which is more commercial, and then get back to HVR when I’m on firmer footing.


Then COVID-19 hit. There’s the virus itself, which has us all scared and isolated, and then there’s the impact it’s had on children, adults, and families with special needs. Services have been disrupted. When a child with special needs is in school, their families don’t need to draw from their limited state budgets for extra help, activities, ect. Now, the kids are home 24/7, and those budgets are getting burned out. Many families don’t have those specially-granted budgets at all. I wanted to help. I write stuff. That’s what I’ve got. I decided to polish up HVR for a new purpose, package it as an ebook, and give all the proceeds to Wildwood Programs.


There are countless organizations that could use the money, but Wildwood is a primary distributor of Family Reimbursement Grants in my region. They know who needs the money, and they can get it to them.


Pricing for Homo-Vibra Ray is $2.99. I set it there because that’s the minimum to get a 70% royalty on Amazon. Price below that, and you only get 30%. Every penny will go to Wildwood, for as long as the ebook is up.


It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited. This is confusing because the button for that option says “Read for Free.” If a person has a paid Kindle Unlimited subscription and they flip through more than 10% of the pages, a royalty is conferred. So, if you want to help but don’t really care about the book, just flip through to the end and close it out. Your make-believe speed reading will be an act of charity!


If my effort meets with any success—say, $1000 or more—I’ll reach out to Amazon and request that they forego their 30% cut of royalties and that they match the total contribution. My effort probably won’t meet with much success, but I’m doing my best.


Final note. Owen Sherwood—my illustrator pal and boyhood chum—did some fantastic HVR illustrations during the proposal stage. I called him up. “Hey, O, how do you feel about donating HVR for charity?” Owen, as ever, was all for doing the right thing. He did the cover of the ebook, and his work is laid in throughout the text.


Stay safe and well, everyone!

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