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Sommelier of Deformity - Book Trailer




LIAM HARRISON is an art director, animator, and filmmaker. With a client base ranging from MTV and Nickelodeon to pharmaceutical companies, pop stars, and independent production companies, he has designed, animated and executed an extensive range of projects. Liam directed, animated, and cut the SOMMELIER OF DEFORMITY trailer. The vision, the execution – all credit goes to him. Friend of the author, twenty-three years.


ROY HARTER is a New York Emmy award-winning, composer, sound designer and audio mixer, best known for his work in television and film. He is also a multi-instrumentalist for various performing and recording artists. He’s currently the musical co-host on “The East Side Dave Show” (The Anthony Cumia Network). Roy spends his summers performing with various acts on the European music festival circuit. Friend of the author, fifteen years.


MICAH BELGIANO is a designer, metal fabricator, furniture designer, mechanical engineer, miniature maker—a jack of all trades (in the literal sense), and a seeming master of them all. He constructed the brownstone model you’ll see in the trailer. If you need something designed, something built—for theater/film, for your home, for your business—you’ll find no one better. Friend of the author, twenty-one years.


OWEN SHERWOOD has been a working illustrator and artist since 2001 and has shown his work in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, York, and London. He has produced illustrations for clients in the UK, US and Europe. He is also an Art and Design teacher, currently living in Cambridge, England. He drew the cover illustration for SOMMELIER OF DEFORMITY and contributed illustrations for the book trailer. Friend of the author, twenty-six years.

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