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The Soloist

I’ve been collaborating with my cousin Rob Hammer on magazine features. If you’re an Averill Park kid of a certain era, you’ll remember Rob, and you’ll also remember Zach Benson. Rob has become an eminent fine art photographer. Zach has become one of the greatest duck hunters in the United States–which is to say, one of the greatest duck hunters in the world.

Rob and I sold two features pre-COVID, to rad publications, which should have already been out… but the damned pandemic ruined everything! This is the third, and the first one to appear in print. I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s in the current issue (Oct. 2020) of Gun Dog Magazine. Rob shoots, I write, and we pitch the story to the place it belongs. That’s the rule–work on these pieces, and try to get them in front of the people who will most enjoy them. Through that process, you lean things you never thought you would. I’ve never hunted, but I found Zach’s life of authentic adventure, and his focus on conservation, truly inspiring.

Found out yesterday–we sold another feature to a major publication. More to come.

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